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Hello, we have upgraded from 10.1 to 2021 - We are having some issues in Print Station. We have it all connected up to an Access Database, historically when users would access the Template through Print Station a Query Wizard would pop up asking which Product to search for, however I cannot find that on the new Version, the Querey tab is no longer in the Database Connection Setup, it is connected to the DB fine, any help appreciated, thanks.


Laura Vela
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Hello Jake,

Thank you for your message.

Can you let me know which release of v2021 you are currently using?

From your description, it seems as though you might be using the 'Selected at print time' record selection option (that can be accessed on the File > Print menu in BarTender), could that be the case?


Does the query work correctly from the Designer?

If it does, could you try linking the query to a custom data entry form object and check if that works from Print Station? You can find additional information on how to set that up on the following link:



Peter Thane
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The Query option is now called Filter in the Database Connection setup. 

What maybe in 2021 that was not available in 10.1 is adding the Query on to your Data Entry Form rather than as a separate popup. You can also add on a Preview of Template picture on this form too so the users can (hopefully) see quite clearly they have entered the correct number for the record to print. The preview is also dynamic with respect of other manual entry boxes (ie if you had set a field for them to type in a batch code then this would appear on the preview image of the label too when they type it in the box)..

As per the image below the number of labels to print and the printer to use option can also now be added to the Data Entry Form. 

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