Upgrade to 2019 R10 breaks Table Header Grouping Follow

Michael Fricker

Has anyone a workaround on 2019 R10 for the broken table header grouping, on upgrading to 2019 R10 we noticed our paginated reports based on the grouping function in the table headers stopped working  (was working on 2019 R6). Now we have picklists that do not paginate based on a pick id or a report that crashes.

I have tried many fixes including the page setting / media handling / pagebreak on datachange.

Also tried creating a new named data source and using VB to map the table data into it so we have a value that we can use to create a page break. 

This is really painful for our production facility that relies on this information. Any help would be great.

BT Support initially responded quickly now were in the dark and are considering rolling back to the earlier version.

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