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I would like to fill in text fields with database queries via an excel sheet. I connected the excel sheet and implemented a filter with a query so I can use column_A for textfield_A and the matching column_B for textfield_B.

But now I want to do this multiple times in a document. But I can not create multiple seperate filters.



Excel Sheet:

A     | B     

1     | Tom

2     | Peter

3     | Theo

4     | Louis


BarTender Document:

Textfield A with an input "2" -> Textfield A2 shall contain "Peter"

Textfield B with an input "4" -> Textfield B2 shall contain "Louis"


How can I get this to work?




Xabier Clemente
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Hi Martin!

Thank you for posting your query in our Community Forums.

BarTender's Records per Item feature within the Database connection setup wizard should be able to help you with this:

Focus on the section about the "records per item":

This example illustrates how you can populate multiple records of a single database field on a printed item.

  1. Create a new BarTender document and set up a new database connection.

  2. Go into the Database Connection Setup→Records Per Item section.

  3. Set the maximum number of records you want per printed item. For this example, it is set to 3.

  4. Enable the checkbox option combine multiple records into a single field. Select the field "drop-down > enable the checkbox to (Select All)" and then click "Ok". Set the separator to Line Break.

  5. Click ok to the database connection setup.

  6. Now on the template design, create a normal wrapped text object and place it on the template→go into the text properties.

  7. Select the default data source→change the type to a database field using the data source wizard. When prompted for the field to use, notice the names of the available fields in the drop-down list. Some database field names have a "+" symbol or number value next to them. The "+" symbol indicates that it will display all the records for that particular database field. The number value indicates it will display a particular number record.

  8. For this example choose CompanyName + for the database field to use. Click finish to the data source wizard→close the text properties window.

  9. You can see it displays the 3 records for the CompanyName database field for a single printed item.

I hope this is what you were looking for; let us know how it goes!

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