Data entry form efficiency! Looking for abit of help please! Would really value your help and input. Follow


Hi guys, I've been stuck on a situation for about 3 weeks now regarding reading from the data entry form... 

We have thousands of labels with different names, warning signs, safety text, Anti slip grades, weights, part A/B/C's of products... All i am trying to do is create a simple screen from which my staff can use a drop down menu to select firstly what part A, B or C.. Let's say they select part A, this will then filter down the options for the next drop down menu they click on to show only the weights, colours, grades etc of the Part A products only, then once chosen which part A product the next drop down menu will show only the chosen Part A product with the grades for that product instead of for every product..

I hope you all understand, any kind of help with this will be MUCH appreciated, im really struggling to sort a viable screen for my staff to print labels from pulled data via the connected database.


Many thanks in advance 



Peter Thane
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Hi Dean,

Sorry it is not possible to create a dropdown of a dropdown etc. 

You would need to use separate dropdown lists that include all the options or grade etc and then link those to the filter in your database. 

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