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Intune Deployment Assistance



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    Xabier Clemente

    Hello Damion,

    Thank you for reaching us via our BarTender Community Forums.

    Unfortunately, deploying BarTender via SCCM/Intune is unstable and, in most cases, not possible. We do have a feature request open to support deployment via SCCM; we'll add your post to the request. The silent installation options we have are listed here - BarTender silent installation (also
    However, we can provide the following information which could fit a workaround for the moment using PsExec, though we don't provide support for this in any way:

    Install BarTender remotely with PsExec

    The following command launches an interactive BarTender installation on a remote computer. Our silent installation does not show any user interface, however, it must interact with the session on the remote system for the installation to succeed.

    .\PsExec64.exe /acceptEula -c -i -s \\RemoteMachine "\\ComputerName\SharedFolder\BT2021_R2_161872_Full_x64.exe" 
    FEATURE=Bartender INSTALLSQL=false
    • The -i switch tells PSExec to run interactively. Omitting the -i option causes the installation to fail.
    • The -c switch is used to copy the specified program on the remote system.
    • The -s switch instructs PSExec to run as the SYSTEM

    Keep in mind this is not a full silent installation itself, but it's all that we can provide for the moment.
    The option we recommend is deploying from the command prompt using your exact parameters except for the "/exenoui" which is not included in our documentation.

    I hope this helps!

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    Brad Ashton

    Finally got this working deploying via the Intune Company Portal. It uses a variation of the command above and runs locally. It copies the installer into c:\users\public\downloads and uses psexec to install the app. Every other way I tried failed or just installed the license server.

    I placed the all the files into a folder.


    xcopy /y .\BT2022_R6_206587_Full_x64.exe C:\Users\Public\Downloads
    .\PsExec64.exe /acceptEula -i -s C:\Users\Public\Downloads\BT2022_R6_206587_Full_x64.exe FEATURE=Bartender INSTALLSQL=false BLS=LICENSESERVER:5160 PKC=****-****-****-****


    C:\Users\Public\Downloads\BT2022_R6_206587_Full_x64.exe AI_INSTALL_MODE=Remove REMOVE=ALL /quiet /DEACTIVATE


    Use the intunewinapputil to package the app. I haven't tested the uninstall, one problem at a time!

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    Maxime Vandenhouten

    Brad Ashton I am also trying to deploy this in our intune environment, but i fail to see how you incorporate the psexec and .bat files in your intunewin file? 

    When creating the intunewin file it asks for setup file in which case i direct it to Bartender.exe, but how/where do i add the other files?

    Sorry if this is a dumb question, but i'm really new to packaging softwares.

    I look forward to your guidance :)

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    Brad Ashton

    Maxime Vandenhouten You need to create a directory and the bat files as shown above....

    For example if you created the the directory as follows:







    Create the install.bat (use your bartenderinstaller.exe name, license server and serial number)

    xcopy /y .\BT2022_R6_206587_Full_x64.exe C:\Users\Public\Downloads
    .\PsExec64.exe /acceptEula -i -s C:\Users\Public\Downloads\bartenderinstaller.exe FEATURE=Bartender INSTALLSQL=false BLS=LICENSESERVER:5160 PKC=****-****-****-****

    Create the uninstall.bat (use your bartenderinstaller.exe name)

    C:\Users\Public\Downloads\bartenderinstaller.exe AI_INSTALL_MODE=Remove REMOVE=ALL /quiet /DEACTIVATE


    The intunewinapputil command to package it all up would be:

    c:\temp\IntuneWinAppUtil.exe -c c:\temp\Bartender -s install.bat -o c:\temp\BartenderIntune


    When adding to Intune, upload the package, for installer enter install.bat for uninstall enter uninstall.bat.

    Be aware the uninstaller doesn't work but for me it's not an issue so I've not gone back to look at it.


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