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Printing to PDF - Images moving around



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    Xabier Clemente

    Hello Edgar,

    Welcome to the BarTender Community Forums!

    In order to properly troubleshoot the issue, we would benefit from knowing the following information:

    • What BarTender version, edition, and service release are you currently using? You can find this information by navigating to the "Help > About" upper menu in BarTender Designer.
    • Are you using our native Print to PDF option? If so, could you test Microsoft's Print to PDF option and vice versa? Do you experience the same issue? I seem to recall we had a similar issue with an older BarTender version which could be circumvented by using MS Print to PDF.

    Thank you.

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    Edgar Jameson

    BarTender Designer 2021 R7 Version - 11.2/172970 

    I was using Adobe Acrobat CC to print. I gave the Windows version a go and it worked. Looks like the Adobe option is out but this is better than nothing. Thanks for the direction. :)



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