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GS1-128 Barcode, which is the correct one?


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    Peter Thane

    They are the same, but just have the X dimension setting set at a particular size.

    This can be adjusted anyway but if your labels need to meet a specific requirement for this then if you pick the correct one first that is one less thing you need to alter. 

    FYI the X dimension is the size of the smallest element in the barcode and so the lower value you use the smaller and more compact the barcode image will appear/be printed.

    If this has not been set then I tend to use the 10mil code for most designs and then adjust the size if I have to from here. I would then also use and follow the Application Identifier Wizard to create my barcode but you will need to make sure you click the Append another... option after you have added the 01 (GTIN) and then again for the 11 (Date). 




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