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    Shotaro Ito
    Hi Patric,

    If you have set the task's trigger option to Delete trigger file, please set to rename.
    you can delete text file in text file tab of command.

    For case like this, I recommend to try running Commander as Application and show BarTender. You can actually see how BarTender open format, substitute database field then print.

    You can change Commander mode from Administer menu > Service Administration.
    Once you run commander as application, you can show BarTender application running background, by Detection menu > Show all Running BarTenders.

    Enable logging might give you another clue.
    For both Commander and BarTender, you can enable logging to text file by Administer > Log Setup > Text file Log > Log Messages.

    Also please refer to Commander Online Help > Troubleshooting Commander section.

    If you still have trouble, consider call / e-mail our technical support.
    [url=""]Technical support[/url]


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