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Commander Doesn't Print On A Virtual Machine



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    Have you tried the steps found in the Commander troubleshooting guide?
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    Shotaro Ito
    Especially P.2 of the troubleshooting:
    [quote]4. If you are running Commander as a service, run Commander as an application.
    If the same issues occur while running as an application, proceed to the next step in this troubleshooting guide.
    If you are no longer experiencing issues while running Commander as an application, then you know that the Commander service may be experiencing problems, or that it may not be configured correctly. Check the following:
    [*]Ensure that the user account being used to run the service has adequate permissions. At a minimum, this account must have access to any printer(s) that will be used, the trigger folder, the task list, and the BarTender documents that will be printed. If the user account does not have write-access to one or more of these, your labels may not print. To resolve this issue, you can modify the permissions of the existing account, create a new user account for Commander-related activities, or assign a different user account that has the appropriate permissions.
    [*]Verify that all paths to network drives are specified using Universal Naming Convention (UNC) paths. Commander does not support the use of mapped letter drives.
    To specify a user account to run command handler(BarTender process), Stop detection and Detection menu > BarTender Command Handler setup > Logon(user account) tab.
    Also, enable BarTender Message logging to see if any errors occurring on BarTender, from BarTender > Administer > Log setup > Text file Log tab > Log messages.

    Commander and BarTender would run fine on VMWare (on supported Windows guest OS), if you concern about that.

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