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Print On Demand With Scaner



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    Ian Cummings
    1. How will your barcode reader be connected to the computer running BarTender? I note that it supports keyboard wedge, USB in addition to the serial port.

    2. If you connect the barcode reader either by keyboard wedge or USB then the data read in by it is transmitted to the PC as if it were keyboard input. This makes it ideal for use with BarTender's user prompts capability. User prompt in BarTender support text input plus other form control types if using a more recent version.

    3. If you want the user prompt form to redisplay for another print job after printing a label you should tick the "Automatically print again" checkbox under the "Options" sub-tab in the "Print" dialog.

    For more information on our software and its use I would recommend you take a look at the tutorial videos and the white papers at the below links:
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    Susan Chen
    1. You can create print prompt through "More Options"-> Prompting in Bartender. When setup scanner properly, Bartender print prompt GUI can receive the data from scaaner

    2. You can setup setup File-> Print-> Option-> Automatically Print Again in Bartender. User can continue printing with scanning data come in

    3. If you want "scan data and print process" has special control flow(the same data-> not print, different data-> print), you can use VBScript to write control according to your need

    4. For commander usage,you can reference

    If you do need additional help, I recommend that you contact local support office for more personalized assistance for this issue. Support contact information:

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    Legacy Poster
    Thank's for replay.
    And sorry on letancy i have some free days ;)
    In first an approach a realise the above scheme.
    In target cusstomer will be use 2 scaners one on in and one on end. On first scaner will be defined proces(Labels)
    on second scaner will be verify barcode.
    Client have 2 serials scaners PD8500. Elo and SATO CT412TT.
    A fast defined above scheme (time to realisaction)

    I will monitoring all of realization and I will permits make questions in progress.

    Only i see 1 problem VBScript but maight be good

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    Topic to close

    I reaslize this by 2 scaners on RS232

    1. First scanner read from RS232 end start dialog window and save data from rs too file

    2. Text Field read from file and make select on database

    3. Print

    4. Read from 2 scanner and write to file and insert to second TextBox and User see data from 2d barcode


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