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Local Or Remote Printer Queues?


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    Ian Cummings
    In general it is best to have the print queues local to where BarTender and Commander is running. This is particularly the case if there is to be a high frequency of printing. If you do have to use a remote print queue, and you are using a Seagull printer driver, then I would suggest that you disable the bi-directional communication on the client side driver. Do this in the driver properties under the "Tools" tab, clicking the "Driver Options" button and then from the dialog window that opens select the "Network Settings" tab and untick the "Bidirectional Communication" network feature.

    Note: Do [b][u]not[/u][/b] do the same thing on the print server (server driver install) or disable the bi-directional communication under the "Ports" tab of the driver properties.

    For the best performance and stability of Commander I would recommend running v9.40 SR3 as in this release we improved many aspects performance and fault tolerance.

    Note that if you do not own a v9.40 license, then this would represent a paid for upgrade.

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