Use Of Commander With Pdf "printer" Follow


For those unfamiliar, a PDF "Printer" allows you to "Print" files on your computer, but they are just created as a PDF locally.

I'm trying to create a commander task that will trigger a PDF printer to kick in when the trigger is detected. Commander is saying that it is detecting the trigger, but I do not get the pop-up that a PDF printer provides that allows me to actually save the PDF. Any experience with this? Thanks


Shotaro Ito
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Hi nRider,

Commander run as Windows service in default, however Windows service cannot show dialog for BarTender or printer driver (PDF).
Run Commander as application from Administer > Service setup.
You need to run Commander (cmdr.exe) from windows startup shortcut if you need to run Commander at windows logon.

Also show All running BarTender command handler from Detection menu makes easy to find cause of failure.
(stop detection to enable this menu.)

Hope that helps!

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