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Order Of Processing Csv Files In Bartender


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    Shotaro Ito
    [quote name='Diederd' timestamp='1320829458' post='1015']
    Is there a way that we can manage this , so bartender needs to print in order of the receiving time ?

    Hi Diederd,
    When trigger files were dropped in very short period of time, Commander would process trigger file by ascending order of file name.
    Use single process for command handler, and name trigger files by time stamp by milliseconds like

    or name trigger files in serial number like

    If you use BarTender Enterprise Automation Edition and assign multiple processes to a Command handler to speed up process, consider use of BarTender XML script to control print order.
    You can place multiple formats in a XML Script trigger, and specify text database to connect or embed text database by CDATA tag.
    (for XML trigger please check BarTender online Help > Automating BarTender > Automation with BarTender XML Script)

    These post might help in your case, too.
    [url=""]Print Order From Trigger Files With Individual Rows Of Data[/url]

    Hope that helps.

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