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Tcpip Trigger With Http Post



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    Seems like it's working with another transformation step with "Search and Replace". Now I need to test the generated Bartender XML. What I don't understand is that if I add a "Save in file" step after the "Search and Replace" transformation, it writes the input like before transformation and not after.
    If entering something like "HTTP/1.1 200 OK«CR»«LF»Content-Length: 0«CR»«LF»Server: Seagull/1.0«CR»«LF»«CR»«LF»" in the messages tab in advanced connection options SAP thinks it got a valid HTTP 200 response and IDoc outbound status gets green. I had a look at the SAP AII example which helped me a lot to identify these "workarounds" for using normal HTTP traffic.
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    Gene Henson

    When you are using the Save to File command, you want to make sure that you select “Filtered Trigger Contents” as the source. This will ensure that Commander uses the post transform file.

    You can access this option by following these steps:

    [*]Open the Commander Task List
    [*]Double click on the task to open its options
    [*]Go to the Commands Tab
    [*]Click the button labeled “…” for your Save To File command
    [*]Select “Filtered Trigger Contents” for the source
    Does that work for you?

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