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Can Commander 9.2 Print To 64 Bit Print Drivers?



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    [quote name='smarkind' timestamp='1334842821' post='2262']
    Is Commander able to print to printers defined on 64 bit servers (using 64 bit drivers) as well as 32 bit (which are the only ones I have gotten to work so far)?

    I've got Bartender v9.4 SR3 (using Commander) installed on a Windows 2003 x64 Server and it prints to the printers on that machine just fine.

    At that location I also 20+ print station clients (running mostly XP x32) all printing to that same x64 print server. The only thing we had to do was to manually install the 32-bit driver on those clients, for whatever reason we have never been able to "share" the 32-bit driver properly from the print server. To clarify a little, when I say install I do not mean manually defining the printer on the client machine to print directly ... I mean just installing the driver itself and using it when mapping the printer on the print server.

    The x32 driver from an x32 client should talk successfully to an x64 print server ... at least thats how it has worked for me.
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    Shotaro Ito
    Yes, Commander in BarTender 9.2 prints fine with x64 print server - however, as Pulsa said, you need to install x86 driver for x86 PC, though print server is x64.

    For installation process, this article might helps.
    [url=""]adding x86 printer drivers to x64 print server[/url]

    Showing BarTender UI helps troubleshooting on Commander. You can show BarTender(s) started by Commander - run Commander as application mode (Administer > Service setup), while detection, Detection > Show all bartender process.

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