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We are currently trying to set up BarTender Commander (as a service) to print to a PDFCreator (v 1.7.1) with auto-save settings.


The input files are detected and renamed, but the output file is not generated.


Both the Commander Service and the Bartender System Service are running under a dedicated account which has read/write access to the pdf output location (UNC path). Also, the PDFCreator is installed under the account of the same dedicated account on the Bartender service. PDFCreator is not installed as a service.


In a similar setup on the same machine with the same credentials, we have successfully set up the creation of txt files containing ZPL using a printer port writing to a specific folder (sibling to the pdf output folder; permissions specified on parent level only). The trigger files are identical, except for the printer name


When running Commander as an application under said account, the PDFCreator creates its output correctly. It is only when running as a service (again, under the very same credentials) that we don't get our output.


This is the (redacted) content of our trigger file:


%BTW% /AF="<our .btw file path here>" /PRN="PDFCreator" /P /C=1 /R=3 /D="%Trigger File Name%"
<our data comes here>
Which works when running as application under the service account credentials, but not when running as a service.
This works fine:
%BTW% /AF="<our .btw file path here>" /PRN="ZplToFilePrinter" /P /C=1 /R=3 /D="%Trigger File Name%"
<our data comes here>


We could use some help here...







Domingo Rodriguez
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Please contact one of our tech-support offices on this problem:


Include your company and registration details when contacting support, and also let support know the purpose of printing the BT documents to PDF rather than directly printing to the physical printers.

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