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Hi there,


I'm new to Bartender Commander and would like to automate the following operation,


From commander, i would like to detect a particular text file, example called result.txt in particular folder called label in the PC.


The text file will contain sample data as below,



where ; as seperator and 100 , 200, Taiwan , January will be the data which will be get from Bartender to print the label based on the template that designed.


If there is text file, the commander will detect and trigger the printing from Bartender to printer. After printing, it will delete the file and wait for another file coming in.


Is it workable using Commander? Can anyone guide me on how to automate it using commander?


Any help would be really appreciated.




Shotaro Ito
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In BarTender, create a Label format Document and setup database connection to the text file.

Select custom delimiter and specify ; (semicolon) as delimiter.

Test print to make sure it works.


For procedure, please check this video


Create a commander task, of File trigger. detect specific folder, and set rename to file (not delete).

In Command, select BarTender command and specify Document and Printer.

In Text file tab, enable text file(file name should be kept %Trigger File Name%). You can specify deletion of trigger file in this tab.


For procedure, please check this white paper's example #2.


Please look at Commander Troubleshooting when you have trouble.

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