Commander Jobs Getting Sent To Printer Slowly Follow


Dear support,

We currently have an urgent issue with our production system.

BarTender Auotomation version 10.0 SR4.
Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 X64

Problem description:
We have a commander running several tasks. One of the tasks is to check a folder if there are new .txt files. Once there is a .txt file in the folder, map it with our lay-out file (.btw extension) and sent it to the printer.
We always sent multiple .txt files to the folder. So the commander has to pick them up one by one and sent them to the printer.
The labels get printed but there is a delay between every label.

If we print directly from the Bartender lay-out file, we don't have this problem. All labels get printed very fast.
It's only if we use our commander that it gets slowed. The layout uses images but these are all saved locally. But like I said, we place multiple .txt files at once in the folder. Could this be the problem?

Commander task setup in Imgur Album:

You can find the lay-out file and text file as attachment. We print on Intermec PM43 IPL 300dpi with the latest drivers installed.

Thank you for your assistance.

Kind regards,


Ian Cummings
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It looks like you've got too many command handlers running which is probably affecting performance.  Is it possible to send a task list file together with an example trigger file to examine?


In general I'd recommend you look into upgrading to BarTender 2016 as the new Integrations Platform greatly improves our integration capabilities.

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