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Hiya Again


Sorry to be a pain. We had to change strategy a bit and while I had a solution that printed with a trigger in MS Access, Getting the same from a text file in a folder is creating a few issues. could you please advise me?


This is all setup on a Windows 10 domain PC, the user account has local machine admin rights.


I have an MS Access data base that write a simple text file SAPData.dat into a folder C:\SAP Transition\BTTrigger\  This produces a good text file with four data items.


I have setup the Bartender to print labels from this file and it does so successfully in Direct mode.


When I run Integration Builder for this setup the following happens;


From the Actions -> Print Document -> Test button, the system seems to hang although the waiting roundel ticks round and I can cancel the test. Nothing prints and there's no errors displayed.


From the test Integration Option; I get Access to drop a .dat file in the folder. I start the test and I get

Executing 'print Document'

Executing integration 'File Integration'

Input data file 'SAPData.dat' has been renamed to SAPData.old


An no labels get printed ://


I have been fiddling with different setting al day with no real progress. Can you advise where to look please ?


Many Thanks



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Hi Folks


I got frustrated and uninstalled bartender and reinstalled as Administrator. I also checked my permissions and although I had thought I had local Admin permission on the PC, I didn't. I set that up and Voila. it all worked :)




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