Three Diffrent Query Results On One Label Follow


I am having a problem trying to get three diffrent query results to print on one label
I dont know what i am doing wrong. Is it even possible?

Attached are the pictures of what i have done so far and the results

[b]Pic 1.[/b] The Layout of the label i am creating.
[b]Pic 2.[/b] The database joins i made.
[b]Pic 3[/b]. The query i made.
[b]Pic 4.[/b] The SQL Bar Tender generated.
[b]Pic 5.[/b] The prompts i have setup.
[b]Pic 6, 7 & 8[/b]. Result when i do a print preview. [i](All three product codes and descriptions are the same on each label)

[/i]Whats happening is instead of the results printing on one label
Its printing 3 labels instead of just one label

Can someone please help me
I don't know how to fix it.
Do i need to do a custom SQL query? or a visual basic script?


Shotaro Ito
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Hi Raful,
In BarTender document's database connection, one page(template) can only have single record.
So even you have 3 rows of queried records, you cannot combine that result to single label.
Perhaps, you can enable user prompt, then set VB Script to pull data based on prompt input, by OnPostPrompt Event in Event control script.
Something like this pattern.

[url=""]Vbscript To Populate A Dropdown List
(This method is in "OnFillList" event, but in your case you would create a text object of VB Script source.)

Another thought is create a query to get a record like
by custom SQL. I'm not a SQL Magician so don't have a good idea (can that be done by sub query?)
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Hi Shotaro

Thanks for the suggestion.
I will try it out and will let you know if resolves my issue.

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