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Linking Multiple Dbs (One From A Trigger, One Static Csv)



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    Fernando Ramos Miracle
    This can certainly be done with BarTender and Commander

    You would need to create a joined database directly on BarTender using the CSV file and the text file as separate data sources. Note that in this case, both databases will need to have a common field with the same data to be able to stablish its relationship.

    As both database are connected through a text file database type connection you'll need to specify first the "fixed" database (in your case the CSV file) and secondly the variable one going to be substituted by the incoming trigger file (most of the time BarTender substitutes the second database if they are both text types, please test this before implementing it). Another possibility would be to use as "fixed" database another type of database (such as MS Access) in which case Commander will always substitute the text file connected regardless of its position.

    Another thing to consider, only if you are using Commander script, is to remove the /R command from the trigger file as it's not needed when using a joined database (actually it will generate a "record not found" error and won't print).

    Test it first printing directly from BarTender, and once it's running correctly, try printing from Commander; it will substitute the original text file (second text file on the "File>Database Connection Setup..." option) with the incoming trigger file.
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    Legacy Poster
    Corporate put a /R=3 into my drop files (even tho they contain a single record). I removed that from my testing files and things are working better. Thanks!

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