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Is the any way to change the format of a date based on a database field.


For example:

 - Database is queried for the product number.

 - The operator picks a manufacturing date with a date picker control.

 - The picked date is offset by number of months specified in the database.

 - I need the date after the offset to display as "MM/yy" for USA destination and "yy/MM" for Korea destination.


I'm using version 10.1 sp1 professional edition.


Current solutions is to use multiple data sources for the same data one for each different format.  The using scripts data is only populated into 1 field.  I feel like there should be a simpler way.


Domingo Rodriguez
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There is indeed a better way, but it would require you to purchase the Automation Edition of BarTender. In v10.1 we now support both Template and Layer conditional printing. With layers, you can create two different layers (each layer will show the date object in a different format), and at print time, thanks to the conditional layer printing, only one

of the layers will be printed:

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