Is The Bartender 10.1 Suppurt Blob Types Of Oracle Db? Follow


I have select in the label model with fields from ORACLE table of BLOB-types. When I try to make preview I will see ODBC error like


"[Microsoft][Driver's dispatcher] Invalid descriptor index

Error S1002: Invalid column number"

This is my sql-script:


SELECT replace(regexp_substr(s.description,'\|[^\|]*',1,7),'|',null) AS sku_name,
       replace(regexp_substr(s.description,'\|[^\|]*',1,8),'|',null) AS sku_id,
       replace(regexp_substr(s.description,'\|[^\|]*',1,3),'|',null) AS colour,
replace(regexp_substr(s.description,'\|[^\|]*',1,5),'|',null) AS logo,
replace(regexp_substr(s.description,'\|[^\|]*',1,13),'|',null) AS prom1,
       replace(regexp_substr(s.description,'\|[^\|]*',1,10),'|',null) AS ean14,
       ('022'||substr(,4,7)) AS batch_no,
       to_char(t.lot_date,'YY/MM/DD') AS lot_date,
       to_char((t.lot_date + s.product_life),'YY/MM/DD') AS storage_time,
       to_char((ci.base_units*ci2.units))||' Pcs' AS quantity,
       to_char((ci2.weight_brutto),'09999.99')||' Kg' AS pallet_weight,
       ('3732963'||substr(, 1, 3)||substr(,4,7))||v_rs2_get_sscc_check_digit('3732963'||substr(, 1, 3)||substr(,4,7)) AS sscc,
       substr(, 1, 3) AS pal_num, as barcode_v1,
       ('022'||substr(,4,7)||'0'||substr(, 1, 3)||replace(regexp_substr(s.description,'\|[^\|]*',1,8),'|',null)||'PC '||substr(to_char((ci.base_units*ci2.units),'099999'),2)) AS barcode_h1,
       ('(02)'||replace(regexp_substr(s.description,'\|[^\|]*',1,10),'|',null)||'(30)'||substr(to_char((ci.base_units*ci2.units),'099999'),2)||'(37)'||substr(to_char(ci2.units,'09'),2)) AS barcode_h2,
       ('(15)'||to_char((t.lot_date + s.product_life),'YYMMDD')||'(10)'||'022'||substr(,4,7)) AS barcode_h3,
       ('(00)3732963'||substr(, 1, 3)||substr(,4,7)||v_rs2_get_sscc_check_digit('3732963'||substr(, 1, 3)||substr(,4,7))) AS barcode_h4
  FROM loads ld, sku s, code_info ci, code_info ci2, cca_tetr cp,
       (SELECT to_date('201'||substr(,4,1)||'-'||substr(,5,3), 'YYYY-DDD') AS lot_date FROM loads ld2 WHERE'?SOLVO_IDX_1') t
   AND max( FROM code_info ci3 WHERE ci3.sku_id=ld.sku_id AND ci3.ctn_type=2)

   AND max( FROM code_info ci4 WHERE ci4.sku_id=ld.sku_id AND ci4.ctn_type=3)
and (replace(regexp_substr(s.description,'\|[^\|]*',1,11),'|',null))=cp.num


When I comment strings "cp.blob2, cp.blob5", all is good - no errors. May be Bartender doesn't support preview blob-type fields? Can somebody help me with this situation?


Domingo Rodriguez
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Have you tried running this SQL statement from a different application? Does it work?


BarTender supports BLOB graphics if this is what you're trying to import. You could choose the "Binary Database Field" source when creating a graphic object and then making the data source read from the corresponding database field.

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