How To Change Excel Path Easier? Follow


have some method to change excel path?

there is a group of excel that I want to print,the name like "1.xls","2.xls".

how to Import them when I want to print? 


Fernando Ramos Miracle
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Hello Kaholi,


I'm afraid that the only way of changing a database connection path (at least with Excel) is to enter its properties and manually modify it.


Instead, you could try exporting your Excel files as CSV and use them as triggers for Commander to read.


*Commander is our middle-ware application included in our BarTender Suite, it will allow you to use these CSV files (text files) to trigger print jobs in BarTender using the information contained in these files. BarTender will then print your document in an automated way without the need of any user interaction. For more information please take a look at the below white papers:




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