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We recently migrated from a 32 bit version to a new desktop with 64 bit  version. Plus we upgraded Excel 2002 to 2010.
Now we experience  some random crashes of Bartender. When adding the Excel database to the label, both the xls (2002)
version and the xlsx (2010) version can be linked. However when I try to add a custom query or sorting, or if I try to preview the label I get an error and BT
becomes unresponsive.  Also not adding a query or sorting, but only preview generates an error.


The size of the database is around 150 record, but the number of columns is 127. I can’t reduce this because all information is printed.


The error message shown is #3088 IDispatch error.

Thanks in advance.




Fernando Ramos Miracle
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Hello Ajax,


Please note that Excel is not a proper database, but a spreadsheet, as such it sometimes require some sort of "maintenance" to prevent errors when being used as a database. 


Could you please try opening your Excel sheet, copy all the cells with data in them, and paste them on a brand new sheet. If you try connecting BarTender to this new Excel sheet  do you still get the same error?



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