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     I have a question regarding Bartender and Sage 100 (MAS90).  But first a little background, my only practical experience with bartender is creating and printing label templates.  It’s only in the past week that I started reading about how to input data from a database. 
     The company I work for uses Bartender 10.1 SR2 to create and print labels for all of our products.  Currently every label that’s printed requires the user to manually input a lot number into a text field on the label before printing, which is labor intensive and leaves us vulnerable to typo errors.  So what we we’d like to do is automate the manual inputting of lot numbers. 
     I’ve looked through the forums and the help docs and was able to create a simple spreadsheet in excel and link the text field of the label to the spreadsheet and successfully print a label using data from the spreadsheet.  However, I would prefer not to create and maintain an extensive spreadsheet of all of our inventory’s lot numbers in addition to the inventory system we already use.  That inventory system being Sage 100 (MAS90) which brings me to my point.  How would I go about connecting Bartender to Sage 100 (MAS90) in order to get the lot numbers from our inventory and input them into a text field on an appropriate label?  Any help on this would be most appreciated.


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Currently BarTender's Commander middleware have capability to receive trigger from SAP AII, Oracle WMS, Sage 100 is not supported.

Commonly used integration method with such ERP is create text file (Commander script or XML Script) from the ERP, and drop the text to a folder. Commander detects the file and print specified format with using the text file's data.

(you may need customization or develop custom application to create the text).


For more detail and example of Commander. Commander script is used in Example 3.


For XML script, see BarTender Online help's Automating BarTender > Automation with BarTender XML Script.

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