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I am creating a label using bartender and a new database using Access 2013. In my database I have a few tables, a main table, a GHS table, and a Signal Word table. The GHS table has artwork/pictograms linking it to the main table. And the Signal word table has either the word hazard or warning linking it to the main table. 


My problem is probably not joining the table correctly or something as I am not to familiar with it, when I do add more than the main table to bartender and go to print I get an error that bartender cannot open the database, again probably me not joining something correctly.


Could someone please help me with this, I'm starting to hold up production here. As you will see on the Label I uploaded the word "Warning" should be pulling from the database and be either warning or danger. and the 3 pictograms should be changing also to what they are in the database.




I had trouble uploading the Axson Database 7.accdb so I renamed it Axson Database 7.txt, just rename the extension to .accdb instead of .txt


The database has a password and username (though you can just hit close form and still use it) the information is:

Username Admin

Password: 61400



Thank You VERY much for any and all help!!




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