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     I am using an excel file as a database for printing UPC labels from a PC to a Zebra printer.  So far, I have not had to deal with images, but will need to shortly. I know how to embed in individual image for an individual label, but would rather use a database to draw them from.  I have hundreds of images, all in pcx format, and all the image file names end with the last 6 digits of the corresponding UPC #, which is already in the database. 


     How can I link the images to the database by making use of the matching 6 digits, and have Bartender grab the right image for the right UPC, also based on those matching digits, hopefully without the use of VB script, as I have no experience with that at all.


     Thanks for any help that can be offered.  I just started learning how to use Bartender in the last two weeks, and it's been pretty intuitive until now, but assume I only know the basics.






Ian Cummings
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Create a data sourced picture object on your label design.  Set the path folder for where the images files are stored.  For the data source, set it to be of a database type and choose the field that contains the unique name of the image file.  You'll also need to specify a suffix, or second embedded data source to set the file name extension such as ".pcx".

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I have used an Excel spreadsheet with Bartender v9 before to link to images and it worked great.

The object allowed me to specify the file extension.


In Bartender 2016 Automation edition, this no longer works.

a) Can't find the option to specify the image extension in the picture object.

b) If the file name with extension is specified, Bartender will state that the image does not exist.
If the image is embedded with the same file name and path it works.


Any suggestions?

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