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No Of Copies To Be Printed



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    1. Do you print directly from BarTender (without Commander)? or

    2. Do you print through Commander / BTXML?


    We are facing the same issue with the integration of Oracle for option 2. For option 1 we found a solution, but does not meet our requirements.

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    Ian Cummings

    Flavius81: SAPscript is a method of printing where the BarTender label design is exported as marked-up native printer code and then imported directly into an SAP script for merging with variable data, and sending to a printer port to print.  This method of printing suffers from various difficulties such as maintainability, limitations in label design, and it often makes for a printer make/model specific solution that won't work with other hardware.


    Note to any forum readers: We've since been in direct contact with Flavius81 regarding his difficulties and managed to solve the problems for BTXML by using a search and delete transform to remove an unwanted fixed print quantity command.  An alternative to this would have been to modify the XSLT to transform the Oracle XML in the first place.


    sandykumar453: You need to data source the print quantity of the label design using a "Printer Code Template Field" source type.  For example I set this with a field name of "BTQTY", and upon exporting to SAPscript I get the below issue command line.


    / ^PQ&BTQTY&,0,&BTQTY&,Y


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