Printing Bartender Labels From Oracle Msca On Various Printers Follow

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I am new to BarTender and this is my first post in the forum. Apologize for the long post as I am trying to understand the complete setups required.

We are in process of implementing Oracle e-Business suite ERP version 12.2.4. We have configured Oracle MSCA to print labels.

I have downloaded the trial version of Bartender and also read the Bartender white paper about MSCA integration. MSCA Sample provided with the trial version is a great start. I have specific questions related to that.


1. Sample file Materila.xml does not have xml attribute for printer name. When it is received by Commander task list where first step is "transform", which printer would get specified in BTXML which is the next command in the task? Does "transform" step get printer information supplied from Oracle MSCA.? Where can I find the XSLT used in the sample transform command?

Note: Oracle MSCA supplies a printer name in one of the XML attributes as shown below


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
<!DOCTYPE labels SYSTEM "label.dtd">
<variable name= "ITEM">M206WTAG11E-A</variable>
<variable name= "ITEMDESC">MTR,6P,1000HP,2300V,5812,WP-II</variable>
<variable name= "QTY">1</variable>
<variable name= "WIPJOB">1184004</variable>

2. We will be using Intermec and Zebra printers which are of 8 different models. Many of these are old and are not XML capable. That is the primary reason we intend to use middleware like Bartender. I have verified that Seagull drivers are available for all our printer models. I am not 100% clear on steps to configure this integration and wanted to verify before proceeding. Please advise if below is correct.

Install Bartender Enterprise version on a Windows machine which will be network accessible from Oracle ERP server.

Using Windows "Add Printer" add all required printers to the WIndows box. Also install all required print drivers for various printers. 

Configure Commander task list to listen for TCP socket on a particule port. (intend to use sample provided at BT install)

Configure MSCA to send XML label to above Windows box IP/port.

Start Commander as Windows service.

Now when MSCA sends XML to Commander, it should print label to the printer specified in the incoming XML.. correct? Please advise.


Thank you for your patience reading the post and look forward to your guidance.


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