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Hello, I am new to Bartender and Commander. We have set up a commander and bartender as specified in PDF, "Commander-examples". I have 2 questions

1) For trial basic when I tried to use set up exactly given in example 4 its giving me error of .prn file Cannot continue because the Printer File "C:\Documents and Settings\(My file path)\test.prn" cannot be opened with write access. (Error 3723 in error log)


2) Also we have further requirement to dynamically pick the printer and template for this IDOC. So I tried using option of example 3 and used script below

%BTW% /AF="(My file path).btw" /IDOC=%Trigger File Name% /PRN="(My printer name)" /P


While trying this its showing up error Mismatched IDoc Types The IDoc data file specifies a different type than this format. Use a different IDoc data file or change your settings in the Options Page of the Database Connection Setup Dialog. IDoc Type in Format: IDoc Type in File: As per my understanding as per parser file it searches for IDOC type in first line and tries to read the file. And as I am sending script in first 2 lines its not getting the IDOC type. How to resolve this issue?


Please advice.

Thanks in advance.





Ian Cummings
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1. I guess you need to modify the properties of the Commander service so that it uses an account that has file permissions of the folder in question.  Do this via the "Services" window of Windows.


2. You need to set-up your document so that it is able to connect to the type of idoc you intend to use at print time.  The below white paper will help you set this up properly:

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