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I would like to be able to design a label in bartender with the data coming from a text file. To print, I want to create the text file and call bartend.exe with the label name parameter and other flags.

The version comparison says Professional "Omits - No control from within other software. (No ActiveX, Commander or command lines.)." Does no command line mean I cannot do this?

I downloaded a demo and set it to run as the professional version and it seemed to work. I'm confused...



Ian Cummings
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You will need to have the Automation edition or higher.  The version will always be the latest which is currently v10.0 SR4.


The edition selection is only useful for features inside of BarTender, it doesn't really apply for any automated use of the software.


The Professional edition does support a limited number of command lines, but it doesn't support the /D or /PRN, which specifies the data file to use and the printer to print to, respectively.  For this reason I would guess the Automation edition is required for your needs.

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