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I have bartender 10.1 sr3 installed windows server 2012. When I try to run the program in show the splash scrren the it disappears. The proceess is running in the background and taking memeory. In 30 min it took 1.3GB.

What is casuing this. I have reinstalled it and the same thing happens.



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How do I completely remove any sign of Bartender and then reinstall it?


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Which printer make and model is setup as the default Windows printer on this PC for this account? If you change the Windows default printer, does BT start?


Do you've any Security Software which could be blocking BarTender from starting properly?


If you want full manual removal instructions, here they are:


1.-    Stop and Remove Services

Stop all services installed by BarTender.  This can be done from the command line as follows:

sc stop "BarTender System Service"
sc stop "Commander Service"
sc stop "Seagull License Server"
sc stop Maestro


Delete all services installed by BarTender.  This can be done from the command line as follows:

sc delete "BarTender System Service"
sc delete "Commander Service"
sc delete "Seagull License Server"
sc delete Maestro


2.-    After all services are removed, reboot the system.


3.-    Use the Windows "Programs and Features" control panel item to remove BarTender.


4.-    Manually remove all files from "C:\Program Files\Seagull" (or wherever BarTender has been installed).


5.-     Clear up the following locations.


• C:\ProgramData\Seagull
• C:\Users\«User»\AppData\Roaming\Seagull

It is recommended you back up the files in these folders first just in case you have modified any of the default settings.


6.-    Clean the following Microsoft registry keys:

• HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Seagull Scientific
• HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Seagull Scientific (on x64)


7.-    Reboot the system once more.


8.-    Try to reinstall BarTender.

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