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Sorry if this has been answered before but I couldn't find an answer to my specific situation. 


I am moving Printer Maestro and License Server to a new server. 


I've installed the software and activated it on the new server.  The old server is still up and running until the new one is finished.


When I go to a client machine and try to connect it to the new license server it times out; never finds the new one.  From the client machine I can ping the new server by name and by IP address.  If I put the old server name back in it finds it immediately.


I've compared the firewall settings on the new server and can find no differences between it and the old server. 


Any suggestions?  Not sure what to check next. 


Thank you.




Shotaro Ito
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From Old License Server, Help > Activation wizard, deactivate the license server.

From New License Server, Help > Activation wizard, activate the license server.

From BarTender clients, Administer menu > Licensing Setup, Test the connection. Specify License Server's host name / IP Address if necessary.


If that's not help, please contact to regional technical support.

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