"please Insert Disk: 1" Installation Error (And Workaround) Follow

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I just received my BarTender 2016 Automation Edition order in the mail; up until this point I've been using it in trial mode, installed via the downloaded .exe installer.


I inputted the activation code at application startup and it took it well. Then I decided to pop in the installation CD  from my order to install the companion software such as Batch Maker. As it began copying files to my hard-drive, a dialog box popped up saying "please insert disk: 1" with "Okay" and "Cancel" options.


Haha, what?! Only one disk came with the package, and it was what the install was being run from. I decided to call tech support because I wasn't in the mood for trial and error.


Basically they said to ignore the disc and just install the companion software from the downloaded installer I (luckily) still had handy. This worked.


Hope this helps anyone else if they encounter this weird, annoying error.


(Btw, I'm running Windows 7.)

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