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I have bought a TSC P200 for my few computers in office. Some are desktops and some are laptops Surface running Windows 8.1.

I installed Bartender 10.1 Ultralite TSC for TSC on both desktops and laptops.


The label printed is connected to 1 desktop in office. It runs smoothly.

Another computer use the office wifi network to connect the printer. It also runs smoothly. 


However, when I tried to open the Baretender laptop Surface, the program does not show up after welcome message fades out.

They also use same wifi network and can detect the printer.


How to solve it? Thank you.




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When I press Ctrl+Alt+Delete, the Bartend.exe is on the list but it just does not run.
If i launch the program again, it will show both new and previous Bartend.exe.
If I do the 3rd time, it will show 3 of Bartend.exe

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