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Is it possible (or any legal issues) to port the Print Station to another computer without Bartender software, for "deploying" label printing to the users?

The reason is because users who are non-technical do not wish to use Bartender (and probably do not want Bartender in their computer), but they just want to use the simplicity that Print Station offers for selection & printing mutiple label formats.


Ian Cummings
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The Print Station is of no use without BarTender. Print Station is merely a user inteface, behind the scenes it controls BarTender to do the actual printing.

Instead you might want to consider the BarTender Web Print Server which will allow you to serve your BarTender created labels to users via a web browser. BarTender (Enterprise Automation edition) only needs to be installed on the web server alongside the web application. On the client side all that is needed is a web browser. More information on this can be found at the below link:


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