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Webprintserver And Vs2010


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    Shotaro Ito
    Hi Terre - do you still have this problem?
    The error itself means BarTender process (bartend.exe)failed to start, for some reason.

    - After btEngine.Start(), does "bartend.exe" process running?

    - Is there any problem running .net SDK samples (such as click print) installed with SDK Documentation?

    - Does the account running the application have enough access rights to the BarTnender folders and format folder? (try with local administrators group account.)

    - Run command line
    [code]"C:\Program Files\Seagull\BarTender Suite\bartend.exe" /register[/code]
    once, to register BarTender automation interface again.

    - If not tried, please update to BarTender 9.4SR3 - though I cannot say it would solve the problem.
    [url=""]BarTender 9.4 Service Release[/url]
    Hope that helps.

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