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Dcom Local Activation Permission



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    Shotaro Ito
    Hi nilbjorn,
    I personally doesn't have much experience to run ASP.NET 1.1 on 2008 Server so I cannot give precise advice on this. If you haven't, enable Impersonation on ASP.NET application by an account with Local administrators rights by modifying web.config like
    <identity impersonate="true" userName="domain\user" password="password" />

    Using BarTender ActiveX automation on ASP.NET Web project is a bit tricky approach, as you would expect many simultaneous print request from multiple client, but you cannot run too many BarTender process in background.

    Using 2.0 + [url=""]BarTender .net Print Server SDK[/url](available on BarTender Enterprise Automation Edition), you have full working ASP.NET 2.0 web application sample, with multiple requests are effectively handled by specified number of BarTender with Task - Queue approach.

    The sample above is example to create web-based print, using web app and print from Client PC's printer via ActiveX browser plug-in, just like [url=""]BarTender Web Print Server[/url].

    If you simply need to print from Printer attached to Web server, Consider using [url=""]Commander[/url] - you don't need to call BarTender's COM from Web app - your ASP.NET app just need to drop text/XML files to specific folder.

    Hope that helps!
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    Legacy Poster
    Thanks for an elaborate answer Shotaro! Much appreciated.

    We solved the problem with Bartender not starting in a similar way that you describe. We set the AppPool identity to run on a specific user on our domain with certain privileges.

    We use the ActiveX automation as our system is built today but we will definitely look into the Print server SDK solution, however today we just have the Bartender Automation 9.4 version which does not have the SDKs included.

    Does the SDKs only work with ASP.NET 2.0 and higher and not .NET 1.1 as we run? Or is it just that 2.0 is supported/recommended and 1.1 is not?

    We recently switched to BT 9.4 (from 8.01) do you know if there are any particular differences (code-wise) that we have to take into concideration as a result of the switch?

    Thanks again!
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    Shotaro Ito
    Hi nilbjorn,
    Glad to hear your web app worked. BarTender .net SDK documentation and samples won't be installed with default install option, you need custom install to specify BarTender .net SDK. For already installed Full BarTender suite, Modify installation from Add and remove programs in Control panel.
    .NET SDK won't run on .net framework 1.1. From .net 1.1, you need to use ActiveX or Commander.
    In Enterprise Automation Edition, Combination of Commander + XML Script gives you very good flexibility and performance without dependency to OS / programming language.

    There's many [url=""]improvements and new features[/url] in BarTender since 8.01 - Cannot list everything. pick up some..

    From BT 9.4SR2, Commander got many stability and performance improvement like periodically restart process and format cache.
    From BT 9.3, In ActiveX, You can modify object's property from Code by DesignObject - such as change font, move barcode, change box color and make lines invisible (not available in .net SDK / XML though). From Commander, you have [url=""]Format Level VB Script[/url] to achieve this.
    From BT 9.0, You can export print preview to image file (Enterprise Automation Edition / Enterprise Print Server Edition only.) via ActiveX, .net SDK and XML.

    As my experience, most of v8.01 ActiveX code works fine with 9.4 - though please test on your app.

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