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Just wondering, why is there no EmbeddedData property that is Read/Write for a Format object?
That would make coding a lot simpler and reduce the rather large learning curve for Bartender.

Once apon a time, life was simple... ;-)

Edit: On going into this a little more, I find that the DesignObject class has the EncodedValue, HumanReadableValue, Name, Type and Value properties all read-only. What is going on? These are probably the most likely properties that a programmer might want to have access to. Could somebody please explain?


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I have found how to create a substring by adding to the "Name:" textbox in the Data Source Tab of the Text Properties dialog.
I must say, this seems to be a rather long-winded way of going about things.
mmm... my next trick is to find how to programmatically loop through all format files and add the substring with a name based on each btFmt.Object.Name.
To save time, I'd appreciate it if someone could say if this is possible or not.

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