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Hi All,

I have installed the BarTender EA Edition 10 Printer Licenses (Max 10 printer) software in my customer Server. I have a .NET program for Label print and I am running this program in server itself. The issue is My Customers not able to print the Labels properly; the Label values are interchanged randomly. But its working fine under my credential.

Below is my Printing Code.

private Engine engine = null; // The BarTender Print Engine.
private LabelFormatDocument format = null; // The format that will be exported.

engine = new Engine(true);
string appName = "Label Print";
int waitForCompletionTimeout = 1000; // 10 seconds

// Print Header Label
format = engine.Documents.Open("D:\\LabelFiles_DEV\\LabelHeader.btw");
format.PrintSetup.PrinterName = "HP LaserJet P4014/P4015 PCL6";
format.PrintSetup.IdenticalCopiesOfLabel = 1;
format.SubStrings["ItemCode"].Value = "Item 1";
format.SubStrings["CustomerCode"].Value = "Customer 1";
format.SubStrings["CountryCode"].Value = "IN";
format.SubStrings["UOM"].Value = "EA";
format.SubStrings["NoOfLabels"].Value = 10;
format.SubStrings["NoOfExtraLabels"].Value = 1;
result = format.Print(appName, waitForCompletionTimeout, out messages);

I have activated the License key too. I checked the License Server window (connected 3 printers & 2 users only).

Please anyone assist me to resolve this issue.

SK Mohankumar


Domingo Rodriguez
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Do you have this issue no matter to which printer you print to or does this problem only occur when printing to the HP Laserjet P4014 printer? Have you tried installing a different printer driver for this printer, such as e.g. the PCL5 or PS variant?

Are the BarTender engines being used under a service context?

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