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Lets see if I can go 0-3 on getting a response to forum posts here


I am creating thumbnails of my labels to display in my application. I have an access data source setup along with a query prompt.


When I create an engine and a format and pass a value to the prompt and then create the thumbnailfile from the bt format. the Default values show up in the thumbnail instead of it having the record data show up.


how can I make it so the thumbnail shows the data from the record I chose with my query?


how can I make the default values for all the fields set to the first record of the data source without having to type them all in manually?


here is the code I am using:


Dim QueryString As String

QueryString = "Select First([BARCODE]) FROM [V1-BUN]"



'Create a thumbnail image of the bundle label

Dim btEngine As New Engine(True)

btFormat = btEngine.Documents.Open(lblFileName)

prompts = btFormat.DatabaseConnections.QueryPrompts

prompts.SetQueryPrompt("GetScan", returnValue, returnValue, "")

thumbnailFile = Path.GetTempFileName()

btFormat.ExportImageToFile(thumbnailFile, ImageType.JPEG, Seagull.BarTender.Print.ColorDepth.ColorDepth24bit, New Resolution(1700, 900), OverwriteOptions.Overwrite)

pbBundleLabel.ImageLocation = thumbnailFile


returnValue = ""






Matt Bynum
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I sent you a message with a link that another user attempted to post to send to you, feel free to respond to my message with your contact information and I will see if we can provide some assistance with your question.

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Thumbnails are ideally implemented on web page for the purpose of reducing bandwidth and download time. For some web designers, they make thumbnails with HTML or client-side scripting so that the user's browser will shrink the picture, rather than use a smaller copy of the image. Here is a detailed guide for creating thumbnails in C#.NET and you may find some useful information there.



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