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How am i going to get the print order of a label if it is design as multi columns and rows in a single page.


I could get the labelcolumns and labelrows from the pagesetup members but not the <printing order>.

This printing order is under the <page setup> in <printing order> tab.



Is there any method to pass the substring value for multi columns and rows so all the labels in a single page is reflect to different value?


I've read about the commander and it might get my idea right but i need to access to the <printing order> so that the label printout sequence will be correct.



Thanks in advanced.


Ian Cummings
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Not by setting the named data sources directly.  Instead connect your document to a dummy data file (ie. CSV file), and from your app just replace the dummy file with a proper data file containing the print time label data.  This is the exact same method that Commander uses for printing multiple variable data labels in a single print job.  Setting the text data file to use is supported in the SDK.

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