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I have a 3x5truck.btw label file linked to 3x5truck_datasource.txt containing a few records of sample data.


I have an XML file (shown below) being processed by Commander as a "Bartender XML Script".


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<XMLScript Version="2.0" Name="TRUCK_20140604" ID="001">
<Command Name="Job_TRUCK_ORD229510_00083078005030">
<ExportPrintPreviewToImage ReturnImageInResponse="true">
<Format CloseAtEndOfJob="true" SaveAtEndOfJob="true">c:\commander\label\3x5truck.btw</Format>
<RecordSet Name="Text File 1" Type="btTextFile" AddIfNone="true">
"ORD229510","XXXX MERCHANDISING","1234 MADISON AVENUE","","ANYTOWN, WI  53072","0000363474399002"," 402 ","","00269      ","00083078005030 ","24ea.","1"," 402 "


While the process successfully creates a jpg file the CDATA values are effectively ignored (the print-preview/export occurs using the records in 3x5truck_datasource.txt.)  What am doing wrong?


Michael Toupin (mtoupin
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I tested your script here and it works appropriately.  What version/edition of BarTender are you using?  Can you upload your label format?

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Thanks for taking a look at this.  I appreciate it.


BT 9.4 SR3


3x5truck.btw label file.

3x5truck_datasource.txt for label file containing 3 example data records (ORD777777, ORD888888, ORD999999).

truck_bartender_xml_1.xml containing CDATA (ORD111111)  -- I renamed this .XML file to .TXT to facilitate the upload to this site.


When commander processes truck_bartender_xml_1.xml, the output is print-preview JPGs of the records in 3x5truck_datasource.txt rather than the CDATA in truck_bartender_xml_1.xml.  JPGs also attached.

Domingo Rodriguez
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Do you get the same issue if you run your BTXML-Script file directly from BarTender, via the "File > Run BTXML Script" Menu?


For me this is working fine, but I'm trying with the latest version of BarTender here, which is 10.1 SR3...

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