Vb6 And Bartender 10.1 Follow

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Hi there. I am wondering if i can use my vb6 program to print  from Bartender 10.1 Automation Enterprise template by using ActiveX?


If can, anyone can share its sample code?

So far as i seen is for c# program.


Any help would be much appreciated.




Shotaro Ito
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All of the examples in this help are for VB.NET or C#. If you are using Visual Basic 6.0, you will have to adapt the VB.NET examples to the Visual Basic 6.0 syntax. Here are some general points to keep in mind: 
The Application object is a top level object in BarTender hierarchy. It references other BarTender objects and can be used to set application wide options.
To access the Application object from Visual Basic, you must perform the following steps.
Set a reference to the BarTender application. 
This can be done from Visual Basic by selecting References from the Project menu, and selecting BarTender from the Available References list box. If you are using Visual Basic for Applications (i.e. supported by Microsoft Office Suite and other programs), the References dialog can be found in the Tools menu.
Declare an object variable of type BarTender.Application using the Dim command. 
Start a new BarTender, or access a running BarTender, by creating (or getting) a reference to the BarTender Application object and setting it to the object variable defined in the step above. 
Quit the BarTender application using the Application.Quit method of the Application object. 
For example, the following Visual Basic 6.0 code will start a new copy of BarTender and quit:
Dim btApp As BarTender.Application

Set btApp = CreateObject("BarTender.Application")



Actually - you can create text / xml trigger file, using VB6 or any custom application. that would give you some flexibility, when you finally need to say goodbye to VB6.
Commander script sample
XML Script Sample
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Thanks for the reply, Shotaro. I will work on it.

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