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I want to develop a new BarTender system via the .net SDK. 
I looked already in the examples LabelPrint, PrintJobStatusMonitor, TaskMaster... and so on, very nice.
I'm also very interested in History Explorer, Librarian and the System Database of BarTender.
We are planning to buy the actual version of Enterprise Automation.
Our old system is based on a very old SQL DB with tons of stored procedures and a handmade windows service which is very buggy  :blink:
Every day lots of zombie BarTender processes cause of this buggy service.
Label paths are hardcoded --> no revisions. Just for info we have aroud three thousand of different labels.
The webinterface for the users is based on php and csp and a seperated webservice puts the custom data in the SQL DB.
I want to make a totally new system. So how is the best way to start bringing all the BarTender build-in componets together?
I unterstand the code of TaskMaster but how can I connect/interact with History Explorer, Librarian and the System Database to get the advantage of all this tools?
Can someone give me a architecture overview how all this componets are working together?
I'll be also very happy for more technicial infomation around BarTender and automation!  :P


Shotaro Ito
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How about considering Commander?

Integrating with .net SDK gives you the most flexibility.

However when you chase every requirement and create very complex software, maintain that could be very difficult when Data structure changed, OS update, .net framework update (and BarTender update perhaps).

Storing all documents in librarian and print from Commander via XML would give you certain flexibility and ease of deployment.

also - it reduces chance of producing zombie bartender processes - even you create buggy XML script

(usually, that just cause error on a BarTender process and Commander just carry on. Commander even kills unresponsive BarTender process and restart.)


Basically -

Your service (web app?) create XML script (it includes btw format path in Librarian, printer name, data in variable or embedded CSV)

Your service place that to Commander's scan folder or send that by TCP/IP socket to commander.

Commander takes that and feed that to one of bartender process running.

BarTender process print that and return response.

Commander saves response to file or send to your service by TCP/IP socket.


All the printed document's value are logged to BarTender system database. You can view that from History Explorer for analysis and re-print when needed.

If you need to view log / reprint from web app, you need to create such app using System Database SDK.


You can get some example in this forum such as...





For more detail or another thought (I know some case you need to go with .net Print Server SDK), Please ask assistance to regional technical support.

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