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Does anyone have a java-tcp example for bartender?



I have to use bartender from unix + java environment. From the documentation looks like tcp ip option is better. 


I want to send all the configurable data over TCP e.g 


  1. Data: sampleid=123    patientname=JaneDoe    receivedmaterial=Cells
  2. Instruction:
    1. btw file that has layout and what to print (e.g barcode of sampleid), and other info
    2. Which printer should the job be sent.
  3. If Multiple requests go to commander, I hope it won't overwrite one file over another! I don't see any timestamp concept.




To achive the above I think: 


- I have to configure a : Commander> Task>TCP/IP bl

- Create .btw file and place in server? : MyPatientLabel.btw [I don't want to provide hard coded text file datasource]

- send data using TCP/IP [any java examples for bartender? ]

- to be saved  at server in %MY_PRINT_FOLDER% [looks like bartender won't read environment variable, or put a timestamp to saved files?]


Does anyone have a java-tcp example for bartender?







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