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Hi all,


I need help with the following scenario:

We are using BTXML to print labels. The xml will not always contain all fields that are present in the BTW file.


Example of the problem:

Two printouts of the same label (BTW file).

The first printout sets a field "A" and the second printout (BTXML) does not set this field "A".

In this scenario, both labels will show the field "A" on the label with the value of the first print out. It seems to have been cached or something.


In order to have a very generic BTXML file to be used with several different BTW files (and differing fields on the label), we want to prevent having to specifically set initial value to each label field possible.


Thus my question is:

Is there a way to initialize all Label fields via BTXML/VBscript or some option that I have missed?


Any help would be appreciated.








Shotaro Ito
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You can specify close bartender document after print. That makes print job to start a bit slower, as it reloads format at every print occasion.

<Format CloseAtEndOfJob="true">c:\btw\Document.btw</Format>

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