How Can I Check The License Server Exist? Follow


my bartender version is 10.0.2821 Automation Edition,

I find the LicenseServer interface

when I run my programe, it goes wrong with the error code 0x80040154, it says the component is not registed.

but I install all the components including the License Server.

Does my way work? Or Is there another way to check the license server exist?


my code is here:


BarTender.LicenseServer licenseServer = new BarTender.LicenseServer();
licenseServer.Address =;
licenseServer.Port = 5160;
licenseServer.Timeout = 1;
bool result = licenseServer.Connect();




Ian Cummings
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To begin, I suggest you update BarTender v10.0 to its latest service release:


I trust that the Automation edition is fully activated, or if running as a Trial edition, that the trial period has not expired?  Make sure the BarTender class is properly registered on the system by opening a command prompt window, changing directory to where BarTender is installed, and then executing the following command line: bartend.exe /register


I assume that your code actually creates the BarTender object and starts the engine so that a bartend.exe is visible as a process in the Windows Task Manager?


   // Initialize a new BarTender print engine. 
   using (Engine btEngine = new Engine())
      // Start the BarTender print engine.

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