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I have to develop an application in VB6 that needs to recall a Bartender layout, change values in the label, show the label preview and print it.
I downloaded Bartender demo to test it and it works very well but I'm not sure what is the right version that I have to propose to my customer.
During my test I have selected Bartender Pro version and my application work well.
Is Bartender Pro the right version to do this?
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Andrea Di Taddeo


Shotaro Ito
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For print from VB6 application, Automation Edition is required as Pro edition doesn't support automated printing via other applications.


For showing preview,

if you use 

  Format.ExportPrintPreviewToImage method to export preview images,

you need Enterprise Automation edition.


If you use

 Format.PrintPreview.ShowDialog() method to show preview dialog,

that's supported within Automation edition.

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